Melina Apostolopoulos
Melina is both designer and artist, with a passion for lavish form, intricate detail, and rich texture. She delivers this through Melinaki, her jewelry brand. The opportunity to create raw form from inspiration and emotion is one of the most rewarding experiences for her. She is an Emmy winning creative who has practiced design in numerous fields including broadcast, web and mobile, print, and user experience. With this experience and immersion in a wide variety of environments, Melina is able to apply her creative vision in a flexible capacity to a wide range of projects with the highest level of detail. With a love for travel, she has sampled the sights, sounds, and flavors of many cultures which enable her to create with a unique light, exotic influence, and exclusive taste. With a discerning eye for luxurious material and all things unique, It has become her passion to handcraft one-of-a-kind creations in jewelry. Bold form and rich texture dominate every piece. The style holds no boundaries, as each piece is an exclusive offering and delivers a fresh statement. MELINAKI creations are grand architectures in adornment. Melina holds a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with additional studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and RISD..

The creative force behind MELINAKI is derived from multiple inspirations that produce intriguing concepts to the overall form. World travel, ethnic beats, and a passion for detail construct the vision for the brand. Everyday experiences and unexpected instances produce a continuous flow of new elements, allowing for distinct design in every piece. Inspiration is also derived from the complexities uncovered within form, space, line, texture, surface, and light. The mysterious air of the unknown and yet to be discovered continue to influence the imagination of each creation. The exotic locations from travel make endless impressions in every piece.

The world of MELINAKI houses handcrafted creations of unique and exotic design. The style holds no boundaries, as each piece is an exclusive offering and delivers a fresh statement. The essence of the brand is bound by bold and sharp line, fused with both rich surface and luxurious texture. Each creation blends ethnic quality with intricate detail. As each piece is created entirely by hand, the works of MELINAKI are incomparable in design. Lavish layers are weaved throughout each creation. MELINAKI embraces the most alluring and elaborate elements of form.